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mr dun

barber school

Learn the craft of barbering with our in-house barber school.

barber school

Beginner's Course

This beginner's barbering course is suitable for those with no hairdressing or barbering experience and are looking to train as a barber.

It includes an insight into the latest trends in men's barbering and how techniques can be adapted to suit different hair textures. It is a practical, entry level course that will help build confidence of men's barbering techniques and help you become a 'shop-ready barber'.We use a training approach that is entirely hands-on.

You will complete up to 150-real haircuts on real clients, with our educators by your side always to supervise, build confidence, progress your skill level and deliver exceptional results. You will learn the foundations of barbering including cutting men's hair with clippers and scissors, fading, shampooing, beard trimming and delivering an in-depth consultation. You will learn advanced hair styles like zero-fades.

You finish the course cutting hair at a premium standard sufficient to work as a graduate barber.


Highlights include

Perform up to 150 haircuts on real live clients.

Learn techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturizing, beard trim.

Small class sizes taught by professional barbers.

Open to all ages and both genders



Course Structure

Stage 1 – Learn cutting techniques on training headblocks and watch expert demos; deconstruct the steps of haircuts; completion of artist access theory work.


Stage 2 – Transition haircuts from headblocks onto real live clients – focus on techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturising; educator support with common mistakes and challenges.

At this stage you will be assessed on your haircuts to be completed to standards sufficient to

graduate barber level.


Stage 3 – Become proficient in haircuts, learn tricks of the trade, and personalise haircuts; educator support with refining cutting techniques; focus on finishing and cutting speed.

You will be assessed on the overall quality of your haircuts that must be passed to Mr Dun barbering standard & certification will be issued.



Complete beginners wishing to become a shop-ready barber or men's stylist.

There are no entry requirements.





How to apply

To apply email sara@mrdun.store



Take your first step into barbering, with one of our Night School classes.

Intro to Men's Haircutting

This course is suitable for any skill level, from complete beginners to stylists who want to improve their men's cutting skills.


Equipment & tools, scissor handling, demos, core shapes & practical workshops on manequin heads.

6 weeks - £300 + VAT



This course covers the principles & structure required to achieve an understanding of multiple fading techniques.


Equipment & tools, live demos, live model fading workshops.

6 weeks - £300 + VAT

Fading Fundamentals

night school

6 week courses